Research and Development

The scientific team of biomol-informatics has long experience in knowledge translation between bioinformatics simulation and laboratories of research and diagnostics.

Our projects:

  • Bioinformatic modeling of Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase I enzyme and its relationship with obesity and insulin secretion: in silico design of anti-obesity drugs. Project in cooperation with the “Gene Regulation of Fatty Acids Group” at the Barcelona University.
  • Molecular dynamics simulation of polymerization and depolymerization processes of bacterial septum protein FtsZ. in silico design of specific inhibitors to be used as antibacterial drugs. Project in cooperation with:

Activities Program among R&D; groups of the Comunidad de Madrid : Program S-BIO-0260/2006 “COMBACT: New targets to combat pathogenic bacteria”

Divinocell Consortium : FP7 collaborative project HEALTH-F3-2009-223431 “Exploiting Gram-negative cell division targets in the test tube to obtain antimicrobial compounds”.  2009 – 2011.